ASH Ash features an open grain similar to oak but lighter in color.  Color ranges from very pale beige to darker brown variations.  These species is perfect for creating a classic, refined decor without darkening the room.
 Beech - Shades of pale beige and reddish brown are combined in a delicate and subtle grain of remarkable elegance.  A delightfully different warm look.


MAPLE Maple is the hardest of the domestic hardwoods, it is appreciated for both its impact resistance and the subtle patterns of its grain.  Color nuances range from creamy white to various tones of reddish brown. 
Silver Maple species features unique color variations that blend very pale beige with the various shades of gray that give it its name. Silver Maple is desirable for its country yet contemporary appeal.




 OAK Oak's open, pronounced grain makes it one of the most popular species. Colors range from  pale beige to dark brown with hints of red.   Can be stained to match any decor.
Walnut  features shadings ranging from dark beige to rich brown with dark purple nuances.  Color variations may be very pronounced, especially in the #1 Common grade.  An exceptionally noble species.




 CHERRY Cherry is highly desirable for its unique grain,  it varies in color from light brown to a pronounced reddish brown.  The color mellows over time to take on a rich shade of mahogany.