Hardwood Floor Care Guide

Hardwood floors have been experiencing a come back in recent years. Once thought to be difficult to care for, hardwood floors are now seen as easy to maintain, beautiful alternative to tile, vinyl and carpet. This is largely a result of improvements in the technology of hardwood floor finishes. These new finishes make keeping your hardwood floors looking like new an easy task, simply by following these maintenance procedures.

Protect Your Floor

Place throw rugs in front of sinks in your kitchen and any doors leading to the outside where heavy traffic and tracking occurs. However, do not do this until at least one week after the finish has been applied. Chairs and other furniture that are moved frequently, should have floor guards attached to the bottom of each leg to help prevent scratching and wear.

Regular Dust Mopping and Vacuuming

Regular dust mopping and vacuuming is an essential part of hardwood floor care. A good quality dust mop or vacuum with bristle head is the most effective tool for cleaning dust and dirt off the floor. To keep your floor looking its best, dust mop or vacuum at least twice a week. Dust or vacuum more often on floors with heavy traffic. When using a dust mop, it is acceptable to use Endust® on the mop.

Occasional Cleaning

Spills and tracked in dirt can build up and will require more than dust mopping to remove. When this happens, lightly sponge mop with a mild cleaner solution diluted with warm water. After sponge mopping, run a towel wrapped around a broom over the floor. The cleaner solution will loosen the dirt and the towel will pick it up. These solutions can also be used on a rag for spot cleaning.

Do not use more cleaner than recommended amounts. More cleaner does not mean better performance.

Do not use the following products, or products similar in nature!

bulletPledge or other wax or silicone based polishes
bulletMurphy's Oil Soap or any other oil soap
bulletFantastic, Formula 409 or other solvent-containing cleaners
bulletPaste wax
bulletPine based cleaners like Pine Sol

Do not wax or spray buff.

Water based urethane finishes require little maintenance, so it is not necessary to wax or polish the floor. Waxes or polishes will actually mar your floor. This will make your floor harder to clean and cause problems for future recoats.